eCell geocell is a three-dimensional network structure shaped by high-strength HDPE (high density polyethylene) sheets through ultrasonic welding together to form a strong configuration. It expanded on site to form a honeycomb like structure to allow choices of infill.

It allows the choice of infill material based upon project requirement :

  • Top soil -- for well establish vegetation
  • Granular infill -- for steeper non vegetative slopes
  • Concrete -- for hard, durable protection for severe condition


Widely used in construction for erosion control and soil stabilization:

  • Slopes Protection
  • Erosion Control
  • Channel Protection
  • Load support
  • Facing to Earth retaining

Slope Protection

  • Effective protection and resistance to downward migration of slope materials due to hydraulic flows events.
  • Effective at retaining soils with the cell structure in applications of cut slopes where the cut material cannot support vegetated slopes
  • Imported soil places on the cell pocket improved vegetation growth and as such soil are confined, increase resistance against soil erosion.

Channel protection

  • improves the hydraulic performance of conventional protection material such as concrete, gravel, vegetation and rip-rap by confinement within the cellular structure.
  • Channel embankments can be protected from severe erosive conditions and continuous flow condition.

Load Support

GeoCell can be used in construction of roads, car parks, walk path, yards. It stabilized the base material and minimize surface rutting in poor subgrade condonation

  • Prevents lateral displacement of infill
  • Reduce vertical deflections
  • Produce stiff base with high flexural strength
  • reduces the thickness and weight of structural layers

Facing to earth retaining structure

GeoCell is used to provide vegetation facing for earth retaining wall - greenbag systems

Advantages of using cell planting method :

  • Achieve uniform of slope
  • Ease of plant maintenance – planting and replanting