Greenbag with MR anchors

Greenbag with MR anchors are proposed when site faced limitation that restrict the deep excavation.

Site Limitation

  1. Underground services/ utility pipes
  2. Jungle / parks – tree roots

The Advantages

  1. Greenbag with MR anchor improve the productivity by do away sheet piling, strutting and deep excavation works which required for construction of RC Retaining Wall.
  2. It is a value engineering solution in preventing any damages to existing underground utilities and tree roots during the course of construction.
  3. Due to deep excavation is not required for construction of the greenbag + MR anchors, it prevent serious impacts to building or structures nearby resulting from installation and removal of temporary ERSS
  4. It promotes green environment and mitigate urban heat Island effect with planting of more vegetation.
  5. Cost saving as compare with other type of retaining wall