Eco Stone Bag

Eco Stone bag is a porous netting mesh made from eco-friendly high strength polyester fiber into a Raschel mesh structure. The bag is to fill with amber stone, cobblestone or aggregate and used for embankment, shoreline and coastal protection.


  • Riverbank protection
  • Scouring prevention
  • Coastal erosion protection
  • Breakwater
  • Offshore structure scouring prevention
  • Submarine cable, water pipe protection
  • Floating boom anchoring
  • Coastal fishery resource farm


1) Material aspect
  • Excellent durability and heat resistance
  • Self-extinguish due to its high flame resistance
  • High tensile strength with special blend material of Polyester-based that is not affected by hydrolysis.
  • Strong and no breakage with Raschel mesh structure
2) Construction aspect
  • varies in size to suit site requirement and condition
  • flexible
  • maintenance easy
  • Fast and simply installation
3) Structural aspect
  • Porous structure has large grounding area, reduce flow velocity, reduce scouring and enhance the shore protection and bank stability
4) Ecological and environmental aspect
  • Increased hydrophilicity and water purification function by creating a natural vegetation environment on the shore
  • Creating various water flow rate allow growth environment

Step by Step Installation

1) Eco stone bag mounted onto the formwork

2) Filling the stone into bag

3) Closure/tighten the bag

4) Remove the formwork

5) Land work

6) Maritime work

Project Photos @ River

Riverbank scouring protection

Riverbank vegetative

Riverbed protection work

River Island

Reservoir shoreline Scrouring protection work

Pier scouring prevention

Project Photos @ Ocean

Beach erosion prevention


Underwater Ecological Environment

Marine Water Pipe Protection

Anchor of floating boom

Submarine cable protection